Self Promotion vs Job Hunting

For the last couple of months, I have been doing research on different job hunting techniques. I kept coming across the same claim. In dozens of different articles and videos people kept stating that most job openings are not posted online. So I realized  that I was going to really have to get creative to find my dream job. I remembered reading about a guy who pretended to be a delivery guy and dropped off donuts with his resume on the inside of the box to a hiring manager. I also heard about this animator who created a custom puzzle made of characters from the studio and herself. She dropped it off at the reception desk with a message stating that this is where she fit in and then ran off. Both of these creative people found employment shortly after their stunts.

Maybe I wouldn’t have to be so creative if I wasn’t selective about my career. I want to be excited to go to work. I want to have a job where people are constantly asking me how I got it, whenever they find out what I do for a living. I also live near NYC and the competition is fierce. My plan is a little less bold than the puzzle maker or the donuts delivery guy. However, I feel that it will allow me to get decision makers to find me and view my qualifications.  Although not a job hunting book per se, I learned about similar marketing strategies that I plan to implement in Tim Ferris’s The 4-Hour WorkweekThis is the plan.

  1. I registered a personal domain. (this one)
  2. I started a WordPress account and had my domain point to my WordPress site
  3. I wrote about my work experiences and other relevant personal info.
  4. I customized the WordPress theme and I hired a talented friend of mine to design a logo for the site. (Coming Soon!) I will also create business cards with this website and the same logo on them.
  5. I went to Facebook and set up an ad campaign. An ad with my graduation photo with the caption “Hey Recruiter! Recruit me!” would be visible to people in their Facebook and Instagram feeds who listed their profession as “recruiter”. I only had the ad visible in cities where I would like to live or where companies I want to work for are based. (NYC, Various Cities in California, Orlando, Tucson and the Pacific Northwest)
  6. In addition to the ad campaign, I intend to share my posts on social media and directly with recruiter accounts on Twitter. Lastly, I also will add the site and logo to my email signature.

Since recruiters can easily reach out to me via the contact page or social media accounts, It is my hope that several recruiters will want to speak with me. Beyond my qualifications they will see that I am a creative problem solver.

Do you think I’ll get any good job leads with this approach? Do you have any suggestions on how I can make my self promotion plan better? Leave your comment below.


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