Camp Nanowrimo

NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. It takes place in November. Camp NaNoWriMo is a summer version that began in 2011. These events take place online. A community of writers cheer each other on as they strive to reach their personal word counts.

I am ambitious ,so I set my goal as 50,000 words. I plan to write a few short stories. I then plan to revise my favorite and submit it for publication. Regardless of whether I succeed in publishing something or not, I will feel great completing my word count goal.

I enjoy writing. It’s a creative outlet that allows me to become a more effective communicator. Maybe I will never be published, but I have definitely utilized my skills on the job. Whether I am creating a work document or delivering a presentation, I know I am aided by all the time I spend plunking away on my keyboard.

During the camp in July, I’m going to be writing a series of mysteries whose protagonist is a socially awkward techie. When Ben Evens finds he no longer has a job, he quickly finds himself thrust into a new career as a amateur private detective. It doesn’t come naturally to him at first, but he has a keen eye for detail and limitless trivia knowledge from hours on Wikipedia.

Are participating in Camp NaNoWriMo? If so tell me about what you plan to write about in the comments below. Need to hire an effective communicator or writer? Reach out on the contact page or connect with me on LinkedIn. 

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