Employment Seeking Ad Campaign Update

This post is an update from the plan outlined in this post.

After five days days, my Facebook ad campaign generated 71 clicks and cost 30.00. No recruiters reached out to me. My LinkedIn Profile received around seven additional views.

I have two thoughts. The ad didn’t clearly market me for one role. I feel if I had perhaps chosen a specific role, it might have been more successful. The other thought is that perhaps Facebook ads are not the greatest way to reach recruiters.

I was trying to think outside the box. I think, nowadays you have to be creative if you want to land a really desirable position. I want to turn the job hunting process on its head. It’s better to be job hunted. I don’t really feel like some algorithm that finds keywords in modern online application software is going to properly score my experience.

All this might make me seem desperate. I am underemployed but not unemployed. The truth is I can wait quite a while before I would be in a position where I would have to take anything. I want to be in a position where I can choose the best possible position. I don’t want to be one of those people who goes to work everyday hating their job. What’s the point? We spend so much of our time working. Why not try to do work that is personally fulfilling?

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