A Time for Reflection and Change

I have been working from home since March of 2020. The challenges of balancing child care, work, and navigating the new world created by the covid-19 pandemic has been overwhelming. Like many others in the world living through these hard time, the end of my comfortable, albeit dull routines, has caused me to reevaluate what I want out of my life including my career.

I am working on transitioning to work that will consist of self-employment and creative pursuits. I certainly think I will still be an employee at times, but I will doing creative work that feels me with purpose and energy. I have always had a deep love for animation, acting, and making stuff. One of the thoughts that have been driving this desire for change, has been the thought of how my younger self would be so disappointed with where I have ended up in my career choices. Not everyone gets to do work that qualifies as a “dream job”. I am not naive, but if I ever have to settle, let it be for a job that allows me the emotional and mental energy to create things in my free time.

If I ever have to take a day job to pay the bills, it’s going to be a job where I can leave any work problems at work when I punch the clock. I work hard and take pride in what I am able to accomplish. I do not like getting texts from my boss during my personal time. I do not like mandatory overtime. I do not like have to have multiple on site managers to please. The financial service / banking industry is not for me. Honestly, if my daughter was able to be vaccinated, I would go back to slinging lattes.

Expect some changes. The first one is simple. I have added an animation portfolio to this page. I still have a ways to go, but I will be making time, even at the cost of sleep, to sharpen my skills to a level where I can freelance and eventually maybe get a role in animation.

I have several other things I am going to try my hand at. I am running three small businesses in my spare time, what little of it I have. I am going to learn several art/tech skills. I will slowly assemble the skills that will pay the bills, without compromising on a healthy work-life balance. I want to be able to give my family, the time and energy they deserve from me.

I Graduated, Now What?

I graduated on May 22nd. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting. It was so unreal. After four years of hard work, I finally had completed this leg of my journey. I know I will never be done learning, but at least I have completed this important milestone.

The immediate reality that sunk in was that job hunting could be an exhausting experience. I also learned that applying online and waiting to hear back from an employer was not an efficient way to find work. After applying for countless jobs, I decided to create this site to allow prospective employers to find me.  Once I find work, I will continue to use it as a networking tool.

If you are hiring, check out my linkedIn. If you have any opportunity that would be well suited for me, feel free to reach out by using the contact page.

My Internship at the SEC

I had the privilege of being selected to participate in the Student Honors Program at the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s New York Regional Office for both the fall and spring semester of my senior year. It was an incredible experience.

During my internship I assisted Security Compliance Examiners with two exams, as part of the National Exam Program. I learned a lot about the financial markets and regulation. I had the opportunity to review a company’s internal documents and document trends. I created work documents and shared the results of my work with staff. I did research to understand the company’s internal policies and procedures to ensure that the company was operating in compliance. I took notes at meetings and created a finalized version of official meeting minutes.

If you think this experience would make me an asset to your company, reach out to me by sending me a message on the contact page or LinkedIn. 

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