The Job Hunt Ends!

Summer time is not an ideal time to find a job. This was my conclusion, after trying to count the number of applications I submitted. When summer turned to fall, I began to get contacted by a ton of recruiters. My anxiety shifted from the question of “What if I don’t find anything?” to that of “What job should I take?”. I had a number of interviews and recently accepted an offer. On Monday, I began my new role, as an Operations Analyst at a financial services company. I am excited by all I have learned thus far, and I look forward to continuing my career journey. I will continue to write here to share that journey with you.

I want to take a moment to thank my wife for her continuing support and encouragement. She never lost faith in me and helped keep me from getting discouraged. I also received a lot of encouragement from my former coworkers at Starbucks. I look forward to seeing my friends from Starbucks achieve their own career aspirations. I certainly would not have felt so comfortable in my new position, with out all the mentorship I received while at the SEC. I appreciate the time my colleagues at the SEC spent helping me develop the knowledge and skills that have allowed me to make a smooth transition in to my new role. Thank you to everyone who offered me a kind word during this time of change. It´s never easy to change and I appreciate the support.

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